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      Investment Opportunity

      Seeking $5 Mil USD

      The Opportunity:

      CCA is a technology-driven and consumer-focused Advertising & Marketing Data Aggregating Company that happens to deliver delicious cookies.

      CCA is fully licensed with San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and NASCAR. Specifically, CCA is creating multi-image, richly flavored, and branded cookies for each of these brands which enjoy large domestic and international customer bases:

      Built on the powerful Shopify e-commerce platform, CCA promotes its Global Brand partners introducing them to new audiences worldwide. CCA’s premium purposeful cookies are advertising vehicles wrapped in first-class packaging representing Iconic Brands and artistic Imagery. CCA delivers extraordinary products with superior margins in a direct-to-consumer model bringing a high-level of consumer satisfaction and a brand awareness.

      CCA will initially approach select retailers and go deeper into other B2B opportunities as it develops. The initial direct-to-consumer approach will provide CCA more controlled growth while maintaining higher margins skillfully managing the ongoing influences brought on by inflation and COVID-19. CCA’s founder has openly discussed these issues with the current brands it serves and they have fully aligned on a broad DTC distribution strategy.

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        - Accredited Investors Only -
      Launch Mission

      Fulfill And Build Out These Initial Branded Opportunities Through The Multiple Vertical Markets Available Both On, And Offline.

      Market Opportunity

      Our market sector, cookies, is expected to increase to over $47.8 Billion by 2028, as a part of the nearly $2 Trillion in global annual sales.

      We believe a large revenue opportunity exists for our consumer data driven business model offering unique, high-end, branded cookies that deliver good taste, compelling imagery and a fan-based emotional appeal.

      CCA is addressing this market through the proven technique of consumer product licensing – which, in part, support social causes to enhance our reputation/appeal. Our current licensors and their affinity customer base are:

      • San Diego Zoo and Safari Park            5.5   Million Annual Visitors
      • NASCAR                                              57     Million U.S. Fans
      • The Open                                             600   Million Global Households' 

      Pre-Money Valuation - $8Mil USD

      *We value our licenses like patents protecting our brands and associated customer base.  

      Financial Projections

      Est. Gross Revenues Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
      NASCAR $4,279,000 $5,562,700 $6,953,375 $7,996,381 $9,195,838
      SD Zoo Wildlife Alliance $880,000 $1,144,000 $1,430,000 $1,644,500 $1,891,175
      The Open $1,080,000 $1,404,000 $1,755,000 $2,018,250 $2,320,988
      Projected  Totals $6,239,000 $8,110,700 $10,138,375 $11,659,131 $13,408,001
      COG, Mktg. G&A @ 60% $3,743,400 $4,866,420 $6,083,025 $6,995,479 $8,044,801
      Est Pre-tax Profits $2,495,600 $3,244,280 $4,055,350 $4,663,653 $5,363,200


      • Known Online Consumer Purchase Conversion Rate Is 2.58%
      • Our Year 1 Conversion Rates / Brand Based Upon 50% Of Total Fan Base Are Online

      Year 1 Conversion Rates / Brand:

      • San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance – 1%
      • NASCAR – 1%

      Our Offering

      The offering proceeds will fulfill our ripening contractual obligations to deliver cookies under our licenses. A staggered roll-out may require as little as $1,00,000 to mature the lines, while a concurrent entry into all markets is expected to require $5,000,000 

      Use of funds: Rotary dies to emboss licensed brand imagery onto our delicious buttery vanilla shortbread style cookies, packaging, marketing tools to reach and optimize demand. Supply and distribution channels, fulfill reporting and other operational and administrative requirements. If the existing lines rapidly reach or exceed their benchmarks, we may raise expansion capital, at a significantly higher per-share price, to raise further raise our market value.

      Current Shares Outstanding: 4,414,058
      • Authorized Shares include;
        • Series A - 10Million
        • Series B - 5 Million
        • Preferred - 5 Million
        • Pre Money Valuation $8 Mil
      • Investor FAQ's - Click Here